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Ozone Saunas are steam saunas specially prepared for the administration of Ozone, where the body will absorb it through the skin (transdermal). The combination of oxygenation and detoxification that result from this type of therapy produces significant beneficial effects on many physiological processes of the organism and on the health in general.

Inside the Ozone Saunas the vapor surrounds the entire body and it’s introduced through the skin. The moist heat opens up the pores, allowing the ozone to penetrate the skin and reach the bloodstream, where it gets into the areas of the body where fats are stored and helps to cleanse the lymphatic tissue out of toxins.

The Ozone Saunas produce excellent medicinal results, as in the treatment of infections and detoxification of the body in general through the elimination of free radicals, in addition to aesthetics, as in the treatments of cellulite, stretch marks, flaccidity, etc.


Ozone Saunas are known as a form of transdermal Ozone therapy.
Transdermal is the delivery of medicine or Ozone through the skin and into the body.

In this video we’ll go over what an Ozone Sauna is, how it works, how it compares to a hyperbaric chamber, and what you need to add Ozone Saunas to your wellness routine.

Before we get into that, what is Ozone?

Ozone is three parts Oxygen, or O3.
The air we breathe includes two parts Oxygen, or O2.
Ozone is created when one of the O2 molecules splits and forms a third molecule.
Ozone will only last a short period of time before it turns back into standard Oxygen.
That third molecule is unstable, so it breaks off and attaches to things like viruses and bacteria, inactivating them in the process.

There are many ways to use Ozone and Ozone Saunas are growing in popularity as more and more spas add this service.

What is an Ozone Sauna?

Simply put, an Ozone Sauna is a device where a person can sit or lie down, with the entire body below the neck covered, while the body is exposed to steam or dry heat and Ozone gas.
This is an important setup, as the skin will absorb the Ozone, but because your face is not covered, you won’t breathe in large amounts of it, which can be irritating to the lungs.

How does an Ozone Sauna work?

There are two kinds of Ozone Saunas: steam and far infrared.
With both, the sauna produces heat which activates the body’s circulatory system. This causes the body to sweat.
Pure Ozone is then pumped into the sauna. Because Ozone is highly soluble in water, the sweat created by the heat helps the body absorb more Ozone.
In fact, Ozone is roughly 20 times more soluble than Oxygen alone.

How does an Ozone Sauna compare to a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber?

Because Oxygen is not as soluble as Ozone, Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers have to put the Oxygen under pressure. This is done to force the Oxygen through the skin.
Ozone Saunas allow for greater absorption without pressure, so they’re easier to use, safer, and cost less to own and operate than a Hyperbaric Chamber.

What can you expect from an Ozone Sauna?

Ozone can aid in the production of ATP in the body.
ATP is how our bodies generate energy and recover from a variety of issues.
It helps speed up detoxification processes, helps modulate and improve the immune system, and is great for helping control inflammation.

One common question that comes up about Ozone Saunas

“If saunas produce heat and Ozone is destroyed by heat, how can there be Ozone in the sauna”?
The answer is quite simple.
As long as more Ozone is entering the sauna than what the heat from the sauna destroys, there will always be a positive amount of Ozone in the sauna. This is possible as long as the Ozone generator being used produces enough Ozone.
For good Ozone levels in a sauna we recommend an Ozone generator that produces 100 gamma or more.

What is needed for an Ozone Sauna?

You only need three basic components:
1- the sauna itself,
2- an Ozone generator,
3- and a high purity Oxygen source that feeds the Ozone generator.

For medical grade Ozone, a pure Oxygen source is required.

To use an Ozone Sauna, simply connect your Oxygen source to the Ozone generator and feed the Ozone into the sauna.

That’s it!

It is also important that the sauna is designed to handle Ozone and is warranted with the use of Ozone, as some materials are not compatible.

Most saunas are not designed or warranted for use with Ozone so it’s important to find one that is.

Overall, Ozone Saunas are an excellent tool for anyone who wants more energy, wants to feel better, and wants to improve quality of life.

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