Ozone Generators

An Ozone Generator is a device capable of transforming Oxygen into Ozone. Today there are several systems for the generation of ozone, such as the Corona discharge method, Ultraviolet light, electrolysis or cold plasma.

Although in the medical field there are numerous types of Ozone generators with different specifications, all medical generators for sale in the Community Space must be subject to the European directive EEC that regulates the production, import and marketing of all medical products.

Among the most important aspects when choosing a medical Ozone Generator is the quality of the materials with which it’s manufactured since they must be resistant to ozone and not wear out due to the internal oxidation of the equipment. It is also necessary that the controls available to regulate the concentration of ozone are of great precision.

Recommended Products:

O3Elite Mini Up to 65 ug/ml On/Off On/off operation, adjustable via oxygen feed. Ideal for insufflations and for those who do not need a wider array of adjustable levels.

O3Elite Single Up to 70 ug/ml Adjustable Single adjustable ozone cell with dial. Ideal for insufflations and many other ozone applications.

O3Elite Dual Up to 110 ug/ml Adjustable Two adjustable ozone cells with dials to adjust each cell independently. Ideal for nearly any ozone application. Ozonate

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